days smoke free!

(by Nicholas Scarpinato)


how drunk do you have to be for this to happen and it get on the internet

This is Ryo we’re talking about. It was just a matter of time before something like this would happen.That aside, I still don’t understand why there was no tabloid article about it. Did Johnny’s pay them off to not print this. Or was there one and I just missed it?

soz, using a public tumblr post as a last resort because all the emails bounce and I can’t find you on here - contact me, if you see this, pls.

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ENFP (Champion)

ENFPs like to change things for the better, and have contagious enthusiasm, but no patience for crossing I’s and dotting T’s. They are good at anticipating others’ needs, but crave attention and recognition.

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TS4 feels so… empty. The Sims are gorgeous, imo (never thought I’d say this about vanilla Maxis sims) - I’m really loving the cartoon style, and the clothes are cool, too. Searching for items in the catalogue and the ability to move whole rooms, furniture and all, is awesome. The build mode upgrades are good, yes. But - it’s just so empty. The worlds/neighbourhoods are SO SMALL. After TS3, it’s something of a shock to the system. There are many things missing - pools and toddlers are only the beginning of a long list - but the real deal breaker for me is the world. It’s so… small, and empty, and flat :(((